8 Ways to Add Color to a Neutral Color Palette

Add Color Neutral Color Palette

Struggling with choosing an accent color for your home? Choosing a color might make you feel overwhelmed. Everyone wants to find the perfect color to make a statement. We all worry about making the wrong choices. It might make you feel better to know that Lokasi Pantai Nglambor makes your paint choices even cooler. The good news is that after painting a room you hate a color it’s easy to repaint.

Can Go Wrong with Neutral

There is nothing wrong with painting a room in a neutral color palette. In fact there are some advantages to a neutral color palette.

  • Neutral paint colors very rarely go out of style.
  • Neutral paint colors are good if you are planing to sell your home.
  • Neutral paint colors are very versatile.

This advantage of neutral color palettes being versatile is what we are going to spotlight in this post.

Adding Color to a Neutral Color Palette

Paint color is not the only way to add accent colors in a room. Painting your home with neutral colors does not mean your room has to be boring. A neutral color palette allows you to add accent colors in a way that is less permanent and easy to change.

Below are 8 simple ways to add color to a neutral color palette. All these methods allow you the versatility to replace accent colors as trends, personal style and seasons change. No need to break out the paint brushes, drop clothes and painter’s tape to give any room in your home a fresh new look.

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows can be purchase very inexpensively and add color, pattern and texture to a room.

Wall Signs

Wall Signs are a very big trend in home decorating. By adding a wall sign you can add a beautiful focal point, color and pattern to a room.

Lamp Shades

By changing out lamps shades you can make a statement with your lighting. You don’t have to settle for boring standard lamp shades. Target is a great place to find inexpensive lamp shades.

Area Rugs

Adding an area rug to a neutral color palette is a simple way to add color, texture and to define a seating group.

Throw Blankets

Placing a throw blanket over a chair arm instantly adds color to a room.


Adding groupings of accessories (i.e. vases and figurines) can add pops of color throughout room.


Artwork and photography is essential to any room. A neutral color palette will make your artwork stand out on the wall.

Flowers & Plants

Adding flowers brings so much to a room. Live plants and flowers add a connection with nature and color to a neutral room.

If you want to create a stunning room, use a few of these ways of adding color to a neutral color scheme. This will give you a room that has a dynamic and designer look. YOU CAN DO IT!