Home Improvement from the Ground Up – Laminate and Natural Flooring

Home Improvement from the Ground Up - Laminate and Natural Flooring

When homeowners, designers and developers consider renovating their property they tend to think on either side of the scale, from a simple paint job makeover to a fully fitted kitchen. Whilst there is nothing wrong with either of these, it is sometimes more beneficial to improve the home from its base. That means flooring, carpets and rugs. Indeed, it is easy and quite forgivable to overlook a well-trodden carpet or scuffed and run-down boards – at least for a time.

Laminate and Natural Flooring

The feel of wood beneath the feet can be something of a ‘marmite’ experience, but to those who enjoy the cold connection and solid feel it is really the only choice. Unfortunately, some wooden floor products are quite expensive, at least in comparison to carpets. However, laminate flooring provides the perfect solution as it starts from a very affordable price. Indeed, some of the cheaper laminate floor packs, which are of a very good quality, can actually prove less costly than an average carpet fit. Moreover, laminate is a low maintenance solution that can be installed relatively easily, although be warned that there will be a lot of sawing (at angles) to be done!

Laminate Natural Flooring

The key to buying the right laminate flooring is to ensure that the colour and style matches the interior d├ęcor of the house in which it is to be laid – there is little worse than mismatched wood! Also, choose planks that fit the scale of the room, ie. Narrow planks for a small room. In respect to natural flooring, this is a more luxurious option generally but must be carried out by a professional – too much can go wrong in inexperienced hands.

Carpets and Rugs

A carpet replacement is another surprisingly simple yet effective way to improve the home. Carpets can harbour dust and grime over time that is difficult to remove, so a straightforward replacement can quite literally breathe new life into the home. Also, rugs are an excellent way of introducing new colour schemes and patterns into the home without going overboard on a redesign.

Laminate Natural Flooring