Living In New Jersey On A Budget – What’s To Know?

Living In New Jersey On A Budget - What's To Know?

Living on a budget requires skill and planning. You need to set your budget and see what your priorities are. Living in New can be a little expensive, so you might be worried about moving there. Here are the main things explained and what you need to know about living in New Jersey on a budget.

First things first – the cost ofliving in New Jersey

New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states. Therefore, there are many homes from different price ranges, but generally, they are slightly more expensive than the national average. This is because New Jersey has to offer a good quality of life and has a strong economy, which comes at a certain price.

Food costs

Like almost everything else, food is also a bit more expensive than the national average. New Jersey’s residents spend around $300 on food. This is a bit pricey if we consider the national average.

House costs

New Jersey is a state that is famous for expensive homes. The median house price is around $360,000, with some of the cities offering homes at even more expensive prices. Therefore, New Jersey’s cities are mostly filled with renters, rather than homeowners. That’s why if you plan on buying a house, read about the things you should consider when buying a real estate, and learn everything about what New Jersey has to offer.


In the United States, California holds the first place on the list of countries with the highest taxes – with the amazing 13.3%. However, New Jersey is not that faraway – income tax states are just below 9%. Even though it is not the most expensive state – there are California, Hawaii, Oregon, Minnesota, and Iowa before it – it’s still a bit expensive to live in New Jersey.


Paying bills in New Jersey is actually good news if you plan to move here. It is a bit cheaper than the national average. However, big cities can be more expensive, but average pricing is not that high.

The cheapest places in New Jersey

If you plan on living in New Jersey on a budget, you may wonder what are the places that offer cheaper housing options. Here are some of them:

  • Audubon – a borough in Camden County, Audubon has a population of around 9,000. The median house price is $197,700 which is quite cheap for New Jersey.
  • Clifton – this NJ place has a great location -it is very close to Jersey City and Manhattan at the same time. This is amazing if you want to live outside the city (and pay less for housing) but also easily commute to work every day.
  • Pleasantville – a small city that is very close to Atlantic City and is one of the cheapest locations on the list. You can enjoy all the commodities and lifestyle of the Atlantic City, but pay lower living costs while living in Pleasantville.
  • Trenton – NJ’s capital has a lot of fun to offer if you like history, sports, and entertainment. At the same time, it is one of the cheapest places to live, which is amazing for the people who shoot for living in New Jersey on a budget.

Living in New Jersey on a budget – how to do it?

As we already mentioned, living in New Jersey on a budget takes some strategy. That’s why we prepared the most important tips to help you become more creative and use the most out of your budget.

Make a plan for your budget

To spend every dollar wisely, it is important to have a monthly/weekly budget prepared. Think about your income, bare necessities and things you need aside from that, for example, things you do for fun. Also, be sure to add savings to your budget plan.

Track how much you spend

Be sure to write down everything you spend, so you can track how much you need on a monthly basis. Sometimes, we buy something and forget about it, so tracking your expenses is the key step to organizing your budget.

Make a meal plan and buy food wisely

Food costs can be pretty high, and they make a big part of household expenses. That’s why you need to make meal plans so you know what exactly you need for a week. Another tip is buying groceries online – usually, we buy more than we need when browsing attractive supermarket shelves.

Walk to work/school

Walking instead of spending a lot of money on commute every day is a healthy way to save some money when living in New Jersey on a budget.

Downsize your home

Every home contains things we don’t really need. If you get rid of these items you can make more space, reduce the moving costs and even earn some money if you decide to sell those items on a garage sale or online. For all the things you don’t want to give up, you can find the right storage unit and enjoy more prices at your home.

Moving to New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey can be on a budget, too. When moving out of Elmwood Park to New Jersey, for example, you need to think about every detail since this is a long-distance move. Either way, making a moving plan and budget can help you stay organized and spend less money.

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Find the right moving company

If you take the right moving company, moving costs don’t need to be very high. Hiring someone you can trust really pays off. A reliable moving company like Moving of America – NJ Movers can help you move easily and avoid damage and additional costs.

Save on packing supplies

When living in New Jersey on a budget, it is important to save on moving to. One way to do it is by finding cheap moving boxes and other packing supplies. Also, ask your friends and family to help you out and don’t spend more packing equipment than you really need.