How to Use the Wax Paper Transfer Method to Make a DIY Wall Sign

Wax Paper Transfer Method Make Wall Sign

Wall signs are very popular in home decor. You can find wall signs at most home decor stores. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, images and sayings. So it’s easy to find one that fits your decor and theme.

Now if you want to add a wall sign to your home, you can either go to a local shop Wisata Alam Batu and buy one or you can use the wax paper transfer method to make your own. I recently used the wax paper transfer method to make my own DIY wall sign. Let me tell you, using wax paper to transfer words or pictures is easy and fun. I will never buy wall signs from a store again!

What is great about making your own wall signs is you will save money and you can customize the sign for your home decor. I believe home decorating is most successful when it tells others a unique story about your life. Making wall decor using the wax paper transfer method will help you tell that story.

How to Use the Wax Paper Transfer Method

Materials & Supplies

  • An ink jet printer (you can’t use a laser printer)
  • Roll of Wax paper
  • Something to transfer onto such as wood, canvas, or fabric.
  • Xacto knife
  • Cutting board
  • A Image, Free Printable, or Text to transfer
  • A Credit or Gift Card to rubber the wax paper to transfer the ink.
  • Ruler

Step One – Cut the Wax Paper to Size

Tear off enough wax paper to create a 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. Using a sheet of computer paper as a template, trim the wax paper to the correct size.

Step Two – Load the Wax Paper into Printer

Loading the wax paper can be tricky. To make it easier to load, use a few sheets of computer paper to give the wax paper more rigidity making loading a lot simpler. Also, it does not matter which side of the wax paper it is printed on.

Step Three – Prep the Image for Printing

To make it so the image shows up correctly and not reversed. You need to flip or mirror the image horizontally. If you are not sure how to do this here are links on how to flip images on a PC or Mac.

This step is especially important when transferring words. If you forget to do this step your words will be reserved as if you were looking into a mirror.

Step Four – Print Image onto Wax Paper

When printing first check your ink levels. The first time I used the wax paper transfer method I didn’t and my colors were completely off. Watch the printer as the image is providing to be on stand-by for printer jams. When I was doing this I never had a jam.

Also, twice I had to reprint because the ink smeared during printing. So just be on the look out for smears because that will affect the transfer.

Step Five – After Printing Let Wax Paper Sit

After your image has printed, let it sit on the printer for about 30-45 seconds. This allows the ink to dry a little so during the transferring process the image does smear.

Step Six – Place The Wax Paper

Place the wax paper on the surface you are transferring to. You have only one shot at this because once placed you can’t move it without smearing the image.

After you place the image, with one hand hold the wax paper in place. Then with your other hand use a credit card to gently rub over the wax paper. The rubbing helps transfer the ink on the surface.

When you have rubbed all the areas evenly, lift the wax paper up slow without pulling the paper across the surface.

Step Seven – Let Dry

After the image is transferred let it completely dry for 5-10 minutes before touching or adding additional finishes/sealers, which are optional.

You’re Finished!

The wax paper transfer method is not too difficult and is inexpensive to do. It’s a lot cheaper than buying stencils. This method produced a realistic weathered look. However, if you want your text to not look weather you could always let the ink dry and then paint over the ink.

The wax paper transfer method is a fun way to make your own wall signs and decor. Nothing will give you more pride and add meaning to your home like DIY wall art. So I encourage you to try this method out and let me how it works for you.

If you have any question about the wax paper transfer method please comment below so I can help you to be successful.